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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject [VOTE] Tomcat 3.2 Final Release (!) and Ongoing Maintenance Plan
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 01:00:36 GMT
Dear TOMCAT-DEV folks,

Well, it appears that we successfully licked a large number of the problems with
3.2-beta-8, without introducing any serious new regressions.  Therefore, I'd
like to ask that we vote on the following three propositions:

(1) Build and release Tomcat 3.2 final on Wednesday 11/29/2000

There are some known outstanding issues (documented in the release notes), plus
some remaining work to be done on the AJP13 connector -- but in my option these
can be dealt with successfully in a maintenance cycle that is proposed below.
The current code base appears to be stable enough for production use in large
numbers of environments, and is *substantially* improved in quality and
performance over Tomcat 3.1.

Therefore, I propose that we cut a final release of Tomcat 3.2 on Wednesday
night, and publish it for the world to grab.  It will be based on the current
state of the "tomcat_32" branch -- on which there have been only a couple of low
risk and documentation oriented updates since 3.2b8.

(2) Ongoing Support Plan for Tomcat 3.2

Even though we will finish the initial release cycle for Tomcat 3.2 (finally :-)
if the previous proposal is accepted, we will not really be through with it.
Many environments have adopted beta versions of Tomcat 3.2 with the anticipation
that it will continue to be supported.  What these folks need is quick
turnaround on bugs that are discovered after the 3.2 final release, and/or when
outstanding issues that are already known are resolved.

Therefore, I propose that we begin accepting and processing patches to the
existing code base (i.e. the "tomcat_32" branch), and produce maintenance
releases of this version (3.2.1, 3.2.2, and so on) as appropriate.  Such fixes
will be minimal risk bug fixes to the existing code -- not new features.  As
such, this proposal is completely independent of any major development efforts
on any other code base.

(3) Release Manager for Tomcat 3.2.x Maintenance Releases

In order to ensure that the ball doesn't get dropped (again :-) on 3.2, we need
to ensure that a release manager has been identified who has the time to test
and integrate new patches, and create timely releases, in accordance to the
ongoing support plan identified in the previous proposal.

I am willing to continue this role for the 3.2.x code series (at least for a
couple of releases), but would happily assist any other committer who wished to
gain the thanks of the Tomcat 3.2 user community for taking on this important
task.  (NOTE:  I will be involved in bug fixes for 3.2.x even if I'm not the
release manager.)

A +1 vote on this says "I'm fine with Craig continuing this role."  A -1 is
likely to lead to you getting nominated to take my place :-).  Any other
volunteers, please feel free to speak up!

Please respond with your votes on these three proposals by 5pm Pacific TIme on
Wednesday, November 29, 2000.


Craig McClanahan

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