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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Now, am I stupid or what?
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2000 23:38:31 GMT
"Pier P. Fumagalli" wrote:

> Ok, I don't know what's happening... I'm reading some of the messages to
> this list "in advance" (since I moderate and NOT all of you kids post
> with the same email address you are subscribed! GRRR!)...
> But, strangely enough, I've seen some messages talking about the
> connector this morning that I didn't receive... Did I miss something
> important?

It might be that I also moderate on TOMCAT-DEV, and might have pre-approved
them.  I also note that some people appear to subscribe and then immediately
send a message, but the mailing system appears not to have updated its database
yet, so the message goes to the moderation queue anyway.

There is a message (from me) about the connector that *I* wanted you to read
:-).  It documents a couple of SOLARIS-isms that we probably need to fix, and
the fact that I don't have complete docs for installing mod_webapp so that I can
test it.

On the former topic, we probably need someone who is autoconf-savvy to make our
build procedures for native code reasonably platform independent.  Any

>         Pier


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