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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Tomcat 3.2b8
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2000 00:43:12 GMT
Gomez Henri wrote:

> > > I propose to do a 3.2b8 build on Monday afternoon (which
> > > should give us time to
> > > address the remaining b7 issues that I know about).  What do
> > > you think?
> RPM will be release just after ;-)

Thank you for faithfully doing these, by the way :-).

> >
> > Which are this issues?
> There is still a problem when playing with ajp13 and requestdispatcher
> (.include works but not .forward). I sent many mail to the user&dev lists weeks
> ago.

The fact that there is a problem is known -- and there are several other problem
reports related to AJP13.  What's not known is how to identify where the problems
are, let alone how to fix them.

Anyone who wishes to investigate these problems and propose a fix is welcome to do
so.  Otherwise, they are going to end up on the "known issues" list for 3.2 final.

> Also one of my co-worker notice that cookies available to a servlet (ie other
> than the TOMCAT JSESSION) are no more available to jsps invoked via
> requestdispatcher (only JSESSION is seems in jsp code).
> I'll try to locate this one ;-)

In other words, the request goes to a servlet, which forwards to a JSP page (or
includes it) and the cookies are gone?  I will look at that one too.


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