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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Tomcat 3.2b8
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 19:44:50 GMT
Glenn Nielsen wrote:

> Tomcat 3.2 has a <host> config in server.xml for configuring
> multiple web server vitual hosts in a single Tomcat instance.
> I have been testing the <host> config option in server.xml.
> I had not tested that option to this point.  I have not had
> any success getting it to work.  (Haven't looked at the code yet)

I haven't personally used this, but I've heard other people say that they have it

> While testing this I ran across an annoying bug in tomcat.
> It goes into an infinite loop trying to resolve what Context a
> request is for, perhaps it should return a 404 if it can't
> resolve the request to a Context.  This happens when you do
> an ApJServMount of a request path that does not exactly match
> the Context path on the tomcat side.

I will look into this issue.

> Has anyone else tested the <host> config?  Its not in the 3.2
> docs.  Is this something that should be documented and working
> for 3.2?

I agree it should be documented.  But it's not going to be documented by me.

I've already spent the large majority of the last two weeks picking up the pieces on
critical bug fixes for 3.2, and there are not enough cycles to worry about docs as

There are 34 committers on Tomcat (including Glenn, hint hint :-), of which probably
half are still at least peripherally involved with the project.  Anyone who wants to
is welcome to commit documentation updates for 3.2 (in the "tomcat_32" branch), or I'd
be happy to commit updates for any non-committers that want to contribute them.

> Regards,
> Glenn


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