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From Brian Bucknam <>
Subject Re: 3.2 status -- no taglibs in jars
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 02:42:32 GMT
Pierre Delisle wrote:

> Brian Bucknam wrote:
> > However, there is still a problem (see bug #215) in TagLibraryInfoImpl which makes
it so that tag libraries cannot be packaged in .jar files. (3.2b7 (and 3.1) at least not on
Windows, have not tested on *nix.)
> >
> > I marked this bug "serious" when I entered it because you can 'work around it' if
you un-jar the tag library into WEB-INF/classes and rename the taglib.tld file, then refer
to the .tld file from your JSP's.
> > But if 3.2 is supposed to represent the JSP 1.1 spec, then it clearly states that
packaging a tag library in a jar inside WEB-INF/lib is supposed to be a possibility. Maybe
this is "critical"?
> This problem occurs because the jar file is being copied into the
> work directory. However, this should not be done (there is in fact
> a comment in the code saying "Take this stuff out when taglib changes are
> thoroughly tested".)
> I have commented out that code section and the test
> I ran worked fine.
> I'll commit the patch right now and I'd appreciate if you
> could run some exhaustive tests.

I'd be glad to test this in my scenario and any others you suggest.

I haven't tried simply commenting out or removing the code that says "Take this stuff out..."
because that would remove the entire section devoted opening the jar and finding the .tld
inside. Maybe I'm missing something, but this doesn't sound like the right fix.
I agree that it seems unnecessary to copy the jar to the work directory, but the rest of that
code (ZipEntry.getNextEntry() while != TLD) seems needed.

Am I missing something?

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