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From Brian Bucknam <>
Subject 3.2 status -- no taglibs in jars
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 00:38:13 GMT
Craig says all the critical bugs are fixed, and it seems maybe they are.

However, there is still a problem (see bug #215) in TagLibraryInfoImpl which makes it so that
tag libraries cannot be packaged in .jar files. (3.2b7 (and 3.1) at least not on Windows,
have not tested on *nix.)

I marked this bug "serious" when I entered it because you can 'work around it' if you un-jar
the tag library into WEB-INF/classes and rename the taglib.tld file, then refer to the .tld
file from your JSP's.
But if 3.2 is supposed to represent the JSP 1.1 spec, then it clearly states that packaging
a tag library in a jar inside WEB-INF/lib is supposed to be a possibility. Maybe this is "critical"?

On a separate topic, we're having some classloader problems where classes supposedly available
in .jars in WEB-INF/lib come up as "NoClassDefFound" as supporting classes for some servlets
and JSP pages. Moving these jars to jakarta-tomcat/lib solves the problem. I haven't had time
to track down exactly where the problem is, but it seems wrong that the web-app classloader
that loads the servlets & JSP's seems to be ignoring the lib jars, or acting as if the
classes in those jars came from a different loader.
I probably should get better details before bringing this to the list, but I saw Rickard Öberg's
mention of a getResource() problem...

My $.02,

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