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From Boyd Waters <>
Subject Tomcat 4.0 -- JSP XML representation problems
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 08:40:20 GMT

Tomcat 4.0 attempts to conform to the JSP 1.2 spec.

JSP 1.2 specifies an XML representation for JSP pages. One is supposedly
able to use the original syntax, or the new XML rep, but one CANNOT
inter-mingle XML and the original syntax in the 1.2 spec.

People, this is *awful*. All of my stuff breaks.

For example:

<p>This version of the table was created by treating the nested content
the XML document (simulating the case where the JSP page itself would be
rendering XML output), but using an external XSL stylesheet.</p>

<xsl:apply xsl="/xml/employeeList.xsl">
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  <employee id="123">
  <employee id="456">
  <employee id="789">


This code cannot be incorporated into an "original-style" JSP page
because its got XML in it. You have to go to the fully blown-out XML

I cannot really use the XML representation, because the <jsp:cdata> tag
doesn't work with current Tomcat-4.0-devel. I get classCastExceptions if
I try to use this tag.

It's actually worse than this, because my site uses XHTML -- the HTML
pages are XML documents. I need Tomcat to emit XML, *INCLUDING* the
DOCTYPE declaration.

So by way of winding down this rant, has anyone been able to use the XSL
taglib with Tomcat 4.0? Or any XML at all?

-- boyd

ps: I can see that ultimately, we'll have a clean xml rep of jsp, using
the xml namespaces etc. But at the moment it's a mess...

Boyd Waters                                
National Radio Astronomy Observatory    
PO Box 0 Socorro, NM 87801                               505.835.7346


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