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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [Resend] Ready for 3.2b7?
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 23:22:55 GMT
Larry Isaacs wrote:

> Currently PageContext.handlePageException() uses a
> RequestDisplacher.forward() to invoke the errorPage specified
> for a JSP.  If the response has been committed, you get useless
> output because of the IllegalStateException thrown by the
> forward() call.
> Would it be a spec violation to test if the response is committed
> and use include() instead if it is?  I think I have heard that this
> is how others avoid this problem.
> All I could find in the spec is that handlePageException()
> should "redirect" the to the error page.  Does this mandate
> that forward() should be used?  If not, I think it would be a
> big plus to make this change in 3.2b7.

Well, reducing the number of people who call your extension *definitely*
qualifies as a mission critical fix :-).  That way, you'll have more time to
work on Tomcat :-) :-).

Seriously, it's a good idea, especially in light of the workaround we
recently committed that causes the response to *always* be committed before
an include is processed.  I just committed this patch.

> Larry


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