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From Brian Vetter <>
Subject Re: Tomcat- IIS socket exception
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2000 20:53:56 GMT

Where are you getting your "socket exception"?  We're seeing the PoolTcpEndpoint stop handling
requests from IIS and apache. Port 8007 is still listening (netstat) but telneting to the
port results in an error (we're guessing that the backlog on the connection is full).  We're
not sure what's causing it, but after poking around in the source and reviewing old bug reports,
there could be many possible answers.

We are using Sun's JDK1.3 on Win2k and WinNT4.

Brian wrote:
>                                               Placed At :  BLR
> Ganesh Gopalan@SATYAM
> 11/06/2000 11:26 AM
> Hi
> I use tomcat with IIS.
> As the number of hits to the site have increased,I am regularly getting a
> 'socket exception',necessiating a shutdown-startup of Tomcat.
> Is there some configuration change I can think of?
> Is this a problem restricted to Tomcat on IIS or does it occur with Apache
> installations too?
> Thanks
> Ganesh.
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