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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: TC4-m4 CPU per request increase and thread queue locking?
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 02:54:24 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:

> crimson.jar should be both in "lib" and "server" directories.

To be more complete, crimson.jar (along with jaxp.jar) are the XML parser
from the JAXP 1.1-ea release.  We needed the parser-independent SAX2
support that JAXP 1.1 provides in order to implement the new features of

The build scripts for Tomcat 4.0 now let you specify independent XML
parsers for the three places that they are used:
- The parser Ant uses to read your build.xml file
- The parser Catalina uses to read web.xml files
- The parser Jasper uses to read TLD files and JSP
  pages that are in XML syntax.

Only the last one *must* be JAXP 1.1 compliant.  At the moment, the early
access release of  JAXP-1.1 is the only one that requires 1.1, and
currently the RI is the only available release.  I understand that
updates to Xerces to make it 1.1-compliant as well are in progress.

> Remy


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