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From Carlos Anjos <>
Subject Re: BugRat Report #83 - When running the examples, compilation from jsp to java enters an endless loop, filling the filesystem
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 11:13:13 GMT
BugRat Mail System wrote:
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> Hi, Carlos, have you solved this in any manner, from a thread in Tomcat-user o dev i
dont remenber i took that this bug it a JDK problem, if have solved this in any manner let
me know please to add a workaround to the bug, thanks.
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> Report #83 Details

Well, someone told me that with jdk 1.3 the problem disappeared, and
since it worked on linux, it does seem to be jdk related. However at the
time of the writing, the final release of jdk1.3 for solaris/intel was
not available, just a release candidate. So I postponed that intalation
until a final release came out. It seems it has already been released,
so I'll probably intall it next week. I'll post the results.


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