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Subject Re: Tomcat 3.3dev status
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 22:56:20 GMT
Glenn Nielsen wrote:

> I was wondering what the current status of the 3.3dev branch of Tomcat
> is.  I know Costin was doing a flurry of factoring changes and optimizations
> to the core Tomcat classes.  Has this work been completed?  Is 3.3dev
> ready for further testing and enhancements?

I was in a ( sort of ) vacation for last 2 weeks, and this month I have
some impossible deadlines ( again ), but I think we are close to
finishing with the core.

Right now I'm trying to split the code I did in the last 2 weeks so
I'll not check in ( again ) one big  commit.

The most important factor in finishing 3.3 is getting feedback on
the core - I added a lot of comments about various states of
ContextManager and Context ( based on how code works today
or how it was supposed to work ),  but it's important to get
more opinions.

I am hoping that after 3.3 the core will be frozen and we'll start
to maintain backward compatibility.  The core is small and simple
enough to achieve that, and I think we need to focus on modules
for the next releases. There are many modules that are waiting
to be written - starting with Servlet2.3 facades, and many more.

I'm also going to propose a new configuration mechanism,
some changes in the workdir handling ( i.e. add an option to
allow it to keep all files related with a web app in the same
directory ), etc.


( in other words - after 3.3 is final I'm not going to touch
tomcat.core anymore and I'll work only on modules and
mod_jk/JNI )


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