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From Stefán F. Stefánsson <>
Subject [PATCH] and
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 11:47:59 GMT

I've added one method to the EmbededTomcat and that is
addCustomEndpoint.  This method makes it possible to add an endpoint
with a specific ServerSocketFactory.  This is very handy when you are
trying to integrate Tomcat into applications which have their own socket
factory.  For example, in our case we have a SocketFactory handed to
tomcat that includes a ACL.  There are two ways of connecting to the
application, through client software or through the web.  In either case
you have to send a certificate to the server in order to authenticate
yourself.  By using addCustomEndpoint we can use the same SocketFactory
for both connection methods.

I've also added an overloaded version of addSecureEndpoint.  This method
takes one additional parameter which is the string clientauth.  This
specifies if client authentication is needed.  The reason for this being
a string is so that multiple levels of authentication are supported as
opposed to true or false.  In the case of the the only acceptable values are
"true" or "false" but other implementations of the ServerSocketFactory
class may need various levels of client authentication.

Of course this is all backwards compatible.

I hope this will be included in the final release of Tomcat 3.2.

Kind regards, Stefan Freyr

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Stefan Freyr Stefansson
Software Developer
deCODE Genetics, Inc.

Phone: (+354) 570 2854
GSM:   (+354) 861 1718
Fax:   (+354) 491 3782
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