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Subject A note from the archivist
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2000 00:09:39 GMT


  The metronet archive for tomcat-dev has been relocated to a faster
and less-critical machine here in the metronet domain.  All of
the older links to mail messages should continue to work using symlinks,
and Apache Redirect, but the new structure has been organized by month into 
separate directories.  Hopefully, this is more useful and easier to

The search functionality will return within a week.

If the developers on this list wish to take a formal vote, I will
be happy to turn on email name-munging in the html files, based 
on a majority preference.  Your discussions are now being indexed 
by google, and others.  I can also turn on email name-munging 
retroactively without affecting any existing links or bookmarks,
but it's on for everyone, or it's on for noone.

Best regards, and thanks for the continued efforts with Tomcat.


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