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From Arieh Markel <>
Subject Re: Servlet - Jini - Tomcat3.1
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 23:45:57 GMT

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> From: "Flávio Rodrigo M. de Carvalho" <>
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> Subject: Servlet - Jini - Tomcat3.1
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> Hi all,
>     My servlet is getting the following exception when running on Tomcat3.1.
> This happens when I try to get the reference of a jini service (by a unicast
> call) :
> java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.tomcat.protocol.WARConnection
> A friend told me that it is a bug from Tomcat and that there would be a fix
> for that. I have no idea what this could be. Is there any special
> configuration to use in Tomcat3.1 to use with jini services ? What is this
> excepion about ?


I am not aware that there is anything specific with regards to Jini
and Jakarta-Tomcat (our application actually advertises its embedded
tomcat webserver as a Jini service).

As far as your question 'what it this exception about':

	a WARConnection is a class that extends URLConnection, in order
	to do WAR (Web Application Resource) loading
check the javadoc for

	"The abstract class URLConnection is the superclass of all classes that 	
	represent a communications link between the application and a URL.
	Instances of this class can be used both to read from and to write to 
	the resource referenced by the URL. In general, creating a connection
	to a URL is a multistep process: ..."


It is not clear from your description what you are trying to do.

   . does your server issue a query to obtain a Jini service reference from
     a lookup server ?
   . are you expecting that the Jini service will upload the WAR over
     the net to be incorporated ?

> Thanks all,
> Flavio.
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