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From Roy Wilson <>
Subject TC4.0 Linux/Unix measurement scripts
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 01:38:22 GMT

Per Craig's request, here are the script files I used to develop the 
Apache-based presentation mentioned in an earlier post. 

Assuming I understand the ab source code, the scripts represent a setting 
involving single-request clients (who make a request and wait for a reply 
before making another) generating a homogeneous workload (ie, HelloWorld) 
on the server: I'm working on the single-client heterogeneous case now.

If you have heartburn about these scripts or want to propose something 
better, please do.  

Attached are two simplistic ascii bash shell scripts that work with 
Apache on Redhat6.1. Since I haven't finished installing TC4.0, so I 
don't know first-hand what's required to use ab with servlets: I'm told 
that having an http-address of the following form is sufficient: "
Also attached is a sample summary file. I'm writing a shell/awk script to 
process the summary files that are posted. 

1) tcdriver

which which invokes tcscript with two parameters: the  number of 
concurrent connections (1, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100) and one (!) servlet 
of your choice (make it HelloWorld the first time you use the script - 
and then send the summary before using it again with your second most 
favorite servlet).

2) tcscript

which invokes ab using the two parameters from tcdriver, dumps filtered 
data to a summary file, and cleans up the intermediate files. You will 
need to modify the line that invokes ab to give your localhost pathname. 
By running ab in localhost mode, network variability is eliminated (even 
though TCPIP loopback processing isn't). 

The data collected includes:

(from ab) info on per request connection times, total test, time and 

(from sar) cpu utilization (%) and disk activity;

(from sa) cpu minutes per process.

I ran each iteration of the script after a cold boot, but I think running 
the whole thing immediately after a cold boot is sufficient.

Assuming Linux/Unix people decide to use these scripts, please attach the 
summary file in ascii format to a post that describes your system 
configuration (CPU, disk, memory, OS, etc.) I will process that files 
post the results every TBD days.

Sorry about the length. If I knew how to make it shorter, I would. :-)

Roy Wilson

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On 11/2/00, 1:32:20 PM, "Craig R. McClanahan" 
<> wrote regarding Re: Tomcat 4.0 Milestone 4 
performance measurement:

> Roy, would it be possible for you to write us a simple "cookbook" to 
> in executing tests, so that we can each follow the same script and then
> report the results consistently?

> Craig McClanahan

> Roy Wilson wrote:

> > Hi,
> >
> > (1) System throughput and response time data collection
> >
> > I plan to do measurements myself using Henri Gomez' rpmized version of
> > TC-4.0-m4, but since machines and environments differ, it might be
> > interesting to know what kind of total time, throughput, avg and max
> > connection and processing time per request people see using the
> > HelloWorld servlet driving their system with ab in localhost mode
> > (immediately after a cold boot). These are the kinds of data presented by
> > Costin at ApacheCon Europe. I'd like to compile such numbers if people
> > are willing to post them along with info on CPU (e.g. Celeron 400Mhz),
> > memory (eg. 256M SDRAM100), disk (eg. WD Caviar 10.2MB, 5400 rpms), OS
> > (Redhat6.1), JVM (Classic), etc.
> >
> > (2) System resource usage data collection
> >
> > CPU and disk demand per request on each system might be interesting. I
> > have done some very simple resource measurement and performance modeling
> > of Apache that is described in a Office2000 PowerPoint (but created in
> > StarImpress) presentation at
> >
> >
> >
> > My current plan is to apply the same approach to TC-4.0 and then to
> > extend it by considering a mix of servlets, not just the HelloWorld
> > servlet (again in keeping with Costin's pitch at ApacheCon).
> >
> > Roy Wilson
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> > Roy Wilson
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