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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.3 / 4.0 confusion, rant and plan...
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 06:01:50 GMT
> Sorry for starting what it might end up as a long flamewar, but reading
> almost 500 emails on the list I ended up a little confused... Also, in a
> bunch of side discussions, but related always to the same topic, I feel
> there's something wrong going around here...
> Question: WHAT THE HACK IS TOMCAT 3.3 ???


> I believe that this developer community once agreed that Tomcat 4.0
> _will_be_ the next major release of the Apache Software Foundation servlet
> engine, but, since a couple of weeks, I see a proliferation of emails
> talking about Tomcat 3.3.
> Here is where I'm getting confused... When did we vote about having a dual
> codebase for two different servlet engines at the same time??? Because
> never seen such a discussion taking place...

I think what was voted was that the old repository will still be there for
providing support for existing users (bug fixes ...) while Tomcat 4 matures
a little bit.

> The "Rules for Evolution and Revolutions" still stands still, as one of
> major constitution documents for this community (James, WTF, post it
> somewhere!!! :) and IMNSHO needs to be used...
> I suggest to whoever is interested in further developement of the 3.3 tree
> to create a new proposal, as Craig did with Catalina, and stick it on the
> "proposals" directory in the CVS. And start working from it. I'm more than
> open to see, after Tomcat 4.0 sees light, to reconsider the effort, and
> maybe switching codebase again for what will be Tomcat 5.0.
> So, I'm proposing this plan, and please vote on 2 and 4 (1 and 3 were
> already voted upon with a bunch of +1s)...
> 1) Release Tomcat 3.2 final (soon, please!)


> 2) Create a new proposal tree alongside with Catalina (new name to avoid
>    confusion, please)


> 3) Release Tomcat 4.0 (with Catalina, as we all decided)


> 4) Decide wether Tomcat 5.0 will be Catalina based or "whatever" new
>    proposal comes along.

-1. At least wait until 4.0 is realeased ;)

> My 0.02 $... Take care...


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