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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: Why tomcat 3.x makes redirects (302) absolute ?
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2000 06:15:51 GMT
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From: "Nacho" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2000 9:32 PM
Subject: RE: Why tomcat 3.x makes redirects (302) absolute ?

> Hola Craig:
> > >
> >
> > The fact that other servers break the rules is no excuse for
> > Tomcat to do
> > so.
> >
> > If your NAT server or proxy cannot handle this right, your
> > NAT server or
> > proxy is BROKEN.
> >
> it's a dangling SHOULD in the rfc2068... they follow the rules, but it's
> a HTTP1.1 feature for a HTTP1.0 container as tomcat 3.x is it's not
> posible but Tomcat 4.0 can do this way if you want.. :-)

I don't agree.

   The Location response-header field is used to redirect the recipient
   to a location other than the Request-URI for completion of the
   request or identification of a new resource. For 201 (Created)
   responses, the Location is that of the new resource which was created
   by the request. For 3xx responses, the location SHOULD indicate the
   server's preferred URI for automatic redirection to the resource. The
   field value consists of a single absolute URI.

       Location       = "Location" ":" absoluteURI

I think it means that if there's a Location header for 30x responses, it has
to be absolute. Othewise the last line would read something like :
Location       = "Location" ":" absoluteURI | relativeURI
or something. I think that's why the servlet spec says the uri is absolute.

Of course, an intelligent client would know how to handle both ;)


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