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From "Rickard Oberg" <>
Subject Re: [jBoss-User] Re: [jBoss-Dev] Re: Mail from Stallman on legalityof LGPL in jboss
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 20:26:14 GMT
> on 11/10/2000 11:10 AM, "marc fleury" <> wrote:
> > jon, glad you like it but "taking credit" of the move is something
> > tasteless.
> I'm very much into taking credit for my hard work.
> I give nearly 100% of what I do away for free without any licensing
> restrictions except getting credit for the work I do.

I also give nearly 100% of what I do, on a daily basis. The question is not
about what you, but how and why you do it.

> What is wrong with that?

Anticipate everything, expect nothing. See above.

If someone gives me credit for anything I do (and they usually do), then
that's great. It warms my heart every time really. But if they don't, they
don't, and that's just fine. When you start expecting credit for something
you need to reevaluate your motivations IMHO.

> Like I said before, choosing something other than the GPL is right for
> jBoss. Personally, I would like you to choose the BSD/APL license, but the
> LGPL will work for now given that I don't contribute code to your project
> and am really only interested in potentially using it (as soon as I figure
> out why I would need EJB <smile>).

When you do, don't tell the world "hey guys, I figured it out", because the
only answer you'll get is "no shit. join the club".

> > We send our best goddam developer to your lists to straighten out the
> > situation
> > this guy is an alien, and the fat ladies shooo away branding their APL
> > crucifix
> >
> >
> aren't making any sense. :-(

We are are here to work.
We are here to help.

What part of work and help don't you understand?

> > You have SERIOUS problems with the basic integration speed and the work
> > put in is the basis for more integration beyond Tomcat.  So trust me
when I
> > say "trust me... we better go back to code and straighten this stuff,
> > now it still sucks"...
> So, bring that up with the PMC and suggest alternatives to fix the
> situation. Again, this is a volunteer organization and if you have a
> with something, help fix it.

You may have a problem with your volunteer organization. We are doing just
fine here, thank you. We want to help you, do you want to help us?

> > So again, keep "taking credit" and "menaces" to yourself in the future.
> Sure, I'm going to take credit for the work I do. I spent a lot of time
> emails with you trying to convince you of the right license. Why shouldn't
> take credit for that?

I regularly help people "figure things out", but I don't take credit for it
when they do. "Hello world, I got this dude to actually understand
something. Ain't I just great!". No thank you.


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