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From "Hans Schmid" <>
Subject [PATCH] View Source in JSP Examples TC4
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 15:31:28 GMT
Hi everybody,

this is my first post to this group, even if I lurked for a while.
Now I think I can contribute a litte bit ;)

I noticed, that the JSP examples in TC4 (current CVS) do work, but the
source code is not shown propperly. At least, most of it (via Source /
Source Code for ...)

I reworked the examples a little bit to consistently use source.jsp and
therefor the examples-taglib. I did not change the logic, or added
additional links. Just changed the lines in the show Source HTML files from

<h3><a href="date.txt">Source Code for Date Example<font
  </font> </h3>

to something like

<h3><a href="/examples/jsp/source.jsp?/jsp/dates/date.jsp">Source Code for
Date Example<font color="#0000FF"></a>
  </font> </h3>

and changed a link in index.html form "colors/cresult.html" to
"checkbox/cresult.html" in the checkbox example.

As a side effect most of the *.txt files are not required anymore (e.g.

I attatch a zip file containing all files in the webapp\examples\jsp
directory and a patchfile, which I created in WinCVS using diff -u in the
jsp directory.

I hope this is in the right format, since I have never done this diff/path
thingy before.

Feel free to incorporate this into TC4 and let me know, if it was useful.
Perhaps we can use something for TC3? (havent looked at those examples)

Best Regards, and keep up the excelent work,

Hans Schmid

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