BugRat Report # 191

Project: Tomcat Release: tomcat 3.1 and 3.2
Category: Bug Report SubCategory: New Bug Report
Class: swbug State: received
Priority: medium Severity: serious
Confidence: public

Submitter: Marc McDonald ( marcm@design-intelligence.com )
Date Submitted: Oct 2 2000, 03:35:00 CDT
Responsible: Z_Tomcat Alias ( tomcat-bugs@cortexity.com )

xml.jar or parser.jar incompatible with latest Xerces parser
Environment: (jvm, os, osrel, platform)
1.3.0, Windows, 98, Intel

Additional Environment Description:

Report Description:
The JSP processor has its own xml parser in xml.jar(3.1) or parser.xml(3.2). I am developing an application using Xerces 3.01. Unfortunately the JSP jar defines the org.w3c.dom.Document interface and doesn't include the importNode method. I get a NoMethod failure on calling importNodes. This is due to the old document interface in xml/parser.jar. My reference to w3c.org.dom.Document is resolving to the JSP jar not the Xerces.jar I include in webapps/examples/web-inf/lib. Most preferable would be to not use the org.w3c.dom path in these jars.

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