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From Nick Bauman <>
Subject Re: [NOISE] [jBoss-Dev] Re: jboss on tomcat update
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 04:33:03 GMT
An aside,

There is, AFAIK, one good reason to use GPL over any other Open Source or
Free Software license, and it's a very very good reason: To maximize the
spread of the GPL. 

IOW, it's to forward the tenets of freedom in software development and to
more or less declare that other software is opposed to freedom. BSD-style
licenses are trying to co-exist with closed software. GPL is trying to
fight closed software. With GPL, it's a case of "the friend of my enemy is
my enemy".

I personally like the GPL for this reason, but then I am a tree-hugging
pinko, like RMS. Not many of my colleages are and Eric Raymond for damn
sure is not. (he would probably shoot me picketing a sawmill with one
of his handguns) But if I want to co-exist with other 
non-tree-hugging-non-pinkos I'd better learn the art of compromise. :)


On Sun, 29 Oct 2000, Jon Stevens wrote:

> > Marc insists that GPL protects young code. I don't buy that either.
> LOL! That makes me laugh. So, when JBoss grows up, it can switch to a
> license for mature code (ie: BSD). :-)
> It sounds like JBoss is getting more mature. So, that argument suggests even
> further that there is no reason for JBoss to be GPL.
> > If I GPL to protect my young code I assume my code is vulnerable to
> > someone putting it into a commercial product and selling it where I would
> > miss out on the revenue? Pshaw! There is no viable motive there. And every
> > line of code I subseqently write undermines their commercial position.
> Bingo.
> > Or another reason is because I'm afraid someone *gasp* will incorporate it
> > into their other BSD-style licensed project and steal my mindshare /
> > marketshare? So someone with more time and money and expertise
> > might do a better job? Isn't that what we want? Better code? Or is
> > _control_ over my crap-tastic code a better thing? I don't think so.
> LOL!
> -jon

Nicolaus Bauman
Software Engineer
Simplexity Systems

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