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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: [NOISE] [jBoss-Dev] Re: jboss on tomcat update
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 05:55:41 GMT
on 10/29/2000 8:33 PM, "Nick Bauman" <> wrote:

> An aside,
> There is, AFAIK, one good reason to use GPL over any other Open Source or
> Free Software license, and it's a very very good reason: To maximize the
> spread of the GPL.
> IOW, it's to forward the tenets of freedom in software development and to
> more or less declare that other software is opposed to freedom. BSD-style
> licenses are trying to co-exist with closed software. GPL is trying to
> fight closed software. With GPL, it's a case of "the friend of my enemy is
> my enemy".
> I personally like the GPL for this reason, but then I am a tree-hugging
> pinko, like RMS. Not many of my colleages are and Eric Raymond for damn
> sure is not. (he would probably shoot me picketing a sawmill with one
> of his handguns) But if I want to co-exist with other
> non-tree-hugging-non-pinkos I'd better learn the art of compromise. :)
> -Nick

I live in Berkeley California with all those tree huggers. I like trees as

Reality is that I don't need a license to grow trees in the wild in order to
keep them free.



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