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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Proposed Plan: Tomcat 4.0-m3 on Wednesday
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 01:46:51 GMT
Craig R. McClanahan <> wrote:
> One feature that is planned for m3, but not yet available in the CVS
> sources (Pier is working hard on it :-) is a new web connector to Apache
> that understands what a web application is.  This will dramatically ease
> the headaches of configuring the Apache connector for all the things
> that are already specified in the web.xml file.

Update on this... The connector is _COMPLETELY_ new... New protocol (it's a
phoenix resurrecting from the old AJPv21 ashes), and the whole module is
completely new (not a line of code from my old mod_jserv or mod_jk).
There's going to be an explaination on WHY this _HAD_ to be done (at least
from my point of view).

> NOTE 1:  This connector code should be considered EXPERIMENTAL at this
> time -- it is definitely not ready for prime time, having been tested
> only on Solaris8/x86 to date.  We're counting on some help from people
> willing to try it out in other environments and provide bug reports.
> Once it settles down, the ports to the other web servers will be added
> as well.

Uh... It is kinda tested also under MacOS/X, single processor, since that's
my development environment nowdays. As of _right_now_ I'm trying to abstract
the connection layer, so that it'll be easier to add load balancing and
connection encryption, and fighting with a couple of memory leaks and null
pointers... (segmentation fault... oh my god how I love JAVA!).

Also, I'm very sorry for not keeping the works in CVS, but I believe that on
a piece of code written from scratch, where files come and go, design gets
reconstructed once every two days, CVS is not the best solution...


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