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From "Brian M. Kelley" <>
Subject Linking mod_jk for apache 1.3, on HP-UX 11.00
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 15:10:21 GMT
  Hey all. I've been struggling to get mod_jk for Apache 1.3
  to link, using the 32-bit linker on HPUX 11.00. Problem is with
  the linker complaining about not being able to resolving external
  unknown symbols (that mod_jk uses, which are provided by apache
  during runtime). Here's the link command I'm using, and the
  associated error message(s); (more dialog at bottom):

ld -B deferred -o jk_ajp12_worker.o \
jk_connect.o jk_msg_buff.o jk_util.o jk_ajp13.o jk_jni_worker.o \
jk_pool.o jk_worker.o jk_ajp13_worker.o jk_lb_worker.o \
jk_sockbuf.o jk_map.o jk_uri_worker_map.o mod_jk.o -lm -lc -ldld
ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
   ap_update_mtime (code)
   ap_setup_client_block (code)
   ap_get_client_block (code)
   ap_get_server_version (code)
   ap_palloc (code)
   ap_overlay_tables (code)
   ap_bflush (code)
   ap_parseHTTPdate (code)
   ap_should_client_block (code)
   ap_table_get (code)
   ap_pstrdup (code)
   ap_get_remote_host (code)
   ap_table_add (code)
   ap_bsetflag (code)
   ap_reset_timeout (code)
   ap_bwrite (code)
   ap_table_set (code)
   ap_psprintf (code)
   ap_table_setn (code)
   ap_add_common_vars (code)
   ap_make_table (code)
   ap_pvsprintf (code)
   ap_set_last_modified (code)
   ap_content_type_tolower (code)
   ap_pcalloc (code)
   ap_log_error (code)
   ap_send_http_header (code)
ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
   $global$ (data)

  I just need a way to tell the linker (either through gcc, or using
  native linker options) that these symbols will be provided by httpd
  during runtime. The native linker doc does not seem to have any
  useful information on this specific topic.

  I've tried several (unsuccessful) combinations of linker options.
  I'm currently using the natice C compiler and linker.
  Previously, I used gcc as both the C compiler and linker, with
  the same problem.

  Has anyone successfully compiled/linked mod_jk for apache, on HP-UX
  11.00, using the 32-bit linker? What linker flags did you use?
  Any other issues running on this platform?

  Fwiw, I had to add some 32-bit shared library loader calls to
  common/jk_jni_worker.c (to replace the dl*() calls that my 32-bit
  libraries don't provide); If anyone is interested I can provide


Brian M. Kelley
Vizdom Software, Inc.

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