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Subject Re: Tomcat 3.2 proposal question
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 15:01:13 GMT
> I've got another question about my RPM packaging of TC 3.x and 4.0 (yes it's
> finished)
> John Summerfield [] pointed out that /opt is mounted
> Read-Only
> on many Unix (Linux) systems.
> I've changed the tomcat home dir to /home/tomcat (for TC 3.x) and
> /home/tomcat4 (for TC 4.x).

> John Summerfield told me that  /home is the wrong place, since /home is for
> users' home directories
> and may be shared amongst many computers.

RedHat ( at least the version installed on my computer) uses /home/httpd for
all "writable" apache files, and /etc/httpd and /usr/sbin for config and exe.

Tomcat 3.2 should work with a split directory _if_ full paths are used in config

file - I tested this few times and it seemed to work fine, but of course you'll
to do much more testing and I would say this is very dangerous ( you can provide

it as an experimental or optional RPM, it's certainly not something we can
Anyway - the code is in.

For 3.3 it'll definitely be possible - the home, install and all relative paths
are resolved by an interceptor that can be replaced, and we have plenty of time
to test this. I'm all +1 on doing that. There are many other enhacements that
will make this very easy ( like the fact that the .sh/.bat file will no longer
be needed
or will be much simpler, etc).

I still think that we should use /opt for all system ( read-only )
files. I don't think tomcat.jar should end up in /usr/lib or something like
that, and it's much better to use the /opt conventions ( each package with
it's own dir ) than /usr/local ( all packages mixed in /usr/local/bin, etc).
But you're making the rpm - so it's your call ( I'm -0 on changing /opt ).


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