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Subject Re: generateConfigs option: should be ON by default
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 19:10:49 GMT
> So it seems a "-generateConfigs" option has snuck in to
> Was this discussed?  I can't find a thread where it was.

Sorry about this :-) My only excuse is that adding the feature to
generate config files wasn't discussed either. ( that's 3.3 !)

Some ( late ) explanations:

- it's good to completely deprecate/remove I started
this work on tomcat.startup.Main, and it seems to work good enough.
That means all "guess tomcat home", "set class path", "process arguments"
will be done in Java instead of SH/BAT ( if nobody -1 )

- I agree command line options should only suplement server.xml,
but in this particular case I think we should have both - you generate
configs when you set up the server.

- The main reason for not make it default "ON"  - we still can't
generate complete config  files - authentication isn't automated,
few other web.xml things need more work. That mean what we
generate is more of a template that will work unchanged in simple
cases, but should be edited later.

- We should be able to generate configs after tomcat is started -
if a context is added dynamically we should re-generate ( assuming
we know how to translate the full web.xml to apache.conf ) and
send a restart to the server.

> I don't like this at all, since all options should be set in
> server.xml, and also since generating auto config files should be *on*
> by default, to preserve expected behavior, and to reduce the number of
> steps required to install tomcat into apache.

+0 -  it would be a perfect choice when the generated config will be

> Proposal:
> * Move -generateConfigs into server.xml as an attribute of
> ContextManager (or is there something about it being run at startup
> that precludes server.xml?)


> * Make the option "true" by default


> P.S. Ah, just found the following log msg:
> date: 2000/09/17 07:52:44;  author: costin;  state: Exp;  lines: +132 -21
> - made generation of apache config files optional.
> XXX document it after it's tested and agreed
> pretty sneaky, Costin! :-)



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