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From Brian Bucknam <>
Subject Re: Runtime attribute expressions (was [BUG #40])
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 01:54:52 GMT
I agree with Craig's and Pierre's assessments of what to do about the
order-of-evaluation bug: document the problem for 3.2 and fix later.

While the subject is up, I'm building a tag library and had to decide
which tag attributes should be "run-time enabled" and which should not.

I was surprised to see that in the servlet code that JspC generates, the
code for run-time expressions looks more efficient than non-expressions.

That is, run-time exprs generate something like:

while non-expressions generate something like:
"AttribX","splat",null,null, false);

So... other than the order-of-evaluation bug, is there any reason not to
make every tag attribute "rtexpr-enabled"?  After all, every attribute
of non-custom tags (eg. <img>, <h1>, <body>, etc.) is fully
rtexpr-enabled, why shouldn't my custom tags be?

Brian Bucknam
WebGain, Inc.

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