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From "Sasvata (Shash) Chatterjee" <>
Subject jsp servlet init-parameter(s)
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 15:36:15 GMT

I have repeatedly tried to get an answer for this on Tomcat-User list, 
with no success. 

I want to set the jspCompilerPlugin init parameter to the JSP compiler 
servlet.  In 3.2 beta4/5, it seems that the global conf/web.xml is no 
longer read.  If I put it in the context's web.xml (in 
webapps/ROOT/web-inf/web.xml, for example), Tomcat complains about a 
duplicate entry for the jsp servlet and deletes BOTH entires!

So my question is that if the jsp servlet is defined by default for 
each  context, then what syntax and file do I use to define 
init-parameters?  Any documention you can point me to or any help you 
might provide is most welcome!


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