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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Catalina & Welcome Files
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2000 01:06:56 GMT
Paul Lamb wrote:

> Thanks, I looked at the spec this morning thinking about the samething. I
> also wish that they'd define a standard authentication procedure. I have
> client apps in several different servlet engines and I'm going nuts trying
> to keep up with all the different realm implementations (or lack of).

Solving this problem correctly is a bigger issue than just servlets, also --
the same sorts of things happen when you talk about authenticating users and
roles in EJBs.  Therefore, it's probably going to be the next major spec cycle
before we see portability on the container-managed security stuff :-(

> I ran into a problem after updating from CVS about an hour ago, any servlet
> marked as load on startup doesn't load. This was working fine on thursday.
> This is is stack trace that I get:

The most likely cause of this is that you didn't do a "./ clean"
followed by a complete "./build" after you updated the sources.

The location of the servlet.jar file has moved (to $CATALINA_HOME/bin), and if
it is still present in $CATALINA_HOME/lib as well you will get
ClassCastExceptions all over the place.


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