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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject tomcat start up with multiple JVM
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 10:05:53 GMT

How can we have tomcat running on multiple JVM ?

I've got many clients on the same machine, 
each one running some webapps.

We want the clients to be isolated strictly.

ie : client A run on a JVMA, client B on JVMB and client C on JVMC.

How can we do that cleanly without recopying directories :

cp -rf /opt/tomcat /opt/tomcatA
cp -rf /opt/tomcat /opt/tomcatB
cp -rf /opt/tomcat /opt/tomcatC

We will need also to define multiple TOMCAT_HOME and 
do multiple startup ;-(
Thanks for any ideas

"Dans les révolutions, il y a deux sortes de gens: ceux qui les font et ceux
qui en profitent "
-- Napoleon 

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