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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.2 release proposal
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 17:41:35 GMT
On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 12:23:22PM -0400, Larry Isaacs wrote:
> Hi All,
> Tomcat 3.2 beta-6 is available at:
> though it isn't yet mentioned on the Jakarta Binary downloads page.
> My scan of Arieh's change agrees that it doesn't alter default behavior.  As
> long it can remain undocumented, I'm +0 on removing it.


> Assuming no other code changes (I'm not planning any), I am comfortable with
> the next build being Tomcat 3.2 Final.


> If we can live with a few non-code updates between beta6 and Final, I would
> like to do the following:
> 1) Update as appropriate for Tomcat 3.2 the following documents:
> 	tomcat-iis-howto.html
> 	tomcat-netscape-howto.html
> 	in-process-howto.html
> 	NT-Service-howto.html
>    This primarily means updating the download instructions and fixing a few
>    inaccuracies with respect to Tomcat 3.2.  For example, several of these
>    documents refer to a nonexistent URL for downloading.  For
>    tomcat-iis-howto.html I plan to add a Troubleshooting section,
>    since many have trouble getting this to work.

+1 if they can be done speedily

We should probably put a note at the top of each file,

Note: this document may be out-of-date.  For the latest version, check
<a href="">Tomcat Documentation
web site</a>
<a href="">NT-Service-howto.html</a>

(with the correct second link for each file)

I'm reluctant to touch the 3.2 branch, but if you're making doc
changes anyway, you may want to put this in.

> 2) Update the following tomcat_32 binaries in CVS under jakarta-tomcat/bin
>     with versions from beta6:
> 	isapi_redirect.dll
> 	jni_connect.dll
> 	nsapi_redirect.dll
> 	jk_nt_service.exe <- I'll build an updated copy
>     The isn't available in beta6, and I'm not able to
>     build it.  I'll commit an updated version if someone can supply one.

I don't see these in jakarta-tomcat/bin in the binary build for beta
6.  Shouldn't they be there somewhere?

What about for Linux and Solaris, and for Apache 1.3 and
2.0?  If we include them (and I think we should) then they should go
in separate directories -- e.g. jakarta-tomcat/bin/apache/1.3/linux/

Other comments on organization for the release are in a separate message.

> I think the Jakarta Binary Downloads page should be updated to link to beta6,
> if someone isn't in the process of doing this already.  Then, if no sufficiently
> adverse feedback is received by the end of the weekend, build Tomcat 3.2 Final
> on Monday or at Sam's earliest convenience.
> Comments?  Votes?

+1 yay

Alex Chaffee             
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