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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat/src/doc mod_jk-howto.html
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 13:31:49 GMT
larryi      00/10/09 06:31:49

  Modified:    src/doc  Tag: tomcat_32 mod_jk-howto.html
  An update supplied by Mike Bremford
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision   +5 -3      jakarta-tomcat/src/doc/mod_jk-howto.html
  Index: mod_jk-howto.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-tomcat/src/doc/mod_jk-howto.html,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.1.2.1 -r1.1.2.2
  --- mod_jk-howto.html	2000/10/05 07:00:39
  +++ mod_jk-howto.html	2000/10/09 13:31:48
  @@ -95,7 +95,7 @@
    request was made via HTTP or HTTPS. mod_jk can, using the newer Ajpv13 protocol.</li>
  -<h2><a name=s4>What does it means to me?</a></h2>
  +<h2><a name=s4>What does it mean to me?</a></h2>
   <p>You will need to get to know a new simplified configuration mechanism. The
   advantage is that learning this mechanism will give you a head start if you
  @@ -239,11 +239,13 @@
    <li>Make sure you have Perl 5 installed. The <tt>apxs</tt> script used
to build the module is written in Perl.
    <li>Change directory to <tt>jakarta-tomcat/src/native/apache1.3</tt>
(or <tt>apache2.0</tt>).
  -  <li>Run the <tt>apxs</tt> command that came with your apache distribution
(hint: look in /usr/local/apache/bin, or wherever you intalled apache).<BR><BR>
  +  <li>Run the <tt>apxs</tt> command that came with your apache distribution
(hint: look in /usr/local/apache/bin, /usr/sbin, or wherever you intalled apache). Type the
command all on one line.<BR><BR>
     For Solaris:<BR>
     <blockquote><tt>apxs -o -DSOLARIS -I../jk -I/usr/java/include -I/usr/java/include/solaris
-c *.c ../jk/*.c</tt></blockquote>
  +  <i>On some systems, this will build the module correctly, but will fail at runtime
with a </i>"<tt>symbol "fdatasync" not found</tt>"<i>. To fix, add
</i><tt>-lposix4</tt><i> just before the </i><tt>-c</tt><i>
in the above command.</i><BR><BR>
     For Linux:
  -  <blockquote><tt>apxs -o -DLINUX -I../jk -I/usr/local/jdk/include
-I/usr/local/jdk/include/linux -c *.c ../jk/*.c</tt></blockquote>
  +  <blockquote><tt>apxs -o -I../jk -I/usr/local/jdk/include -I/usr/local/jdk/include/linux
-c *.c ../jk/*.c</tt></blockquote>
  +  <i>Your build may fail because the object files from the <tt>../jk</tt>
directory have been compiled to the current directory, rather than their source directory.
Running </i><tt>gcc -shared -o *.o</tt><i> should finish
the build.</i><BR><BR>
     (If you've installed Java in another directory, adjust accordingly). For other *nixes
you should be able to work it out, but remember that <b>the order of the arguments to
<tt>apxs</tt> is important!</b>.
    <li>Copy to Apache's libexec directory</li>

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