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From Arun Katkere <>
Subject "Modern" compilation
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 01:40:21 GMT
While trying to figure out why exactly is Jasper page loading dog slow
(initial compilation is very slow, most time spent in Zip file read, and
page load is slow because of secure session id initialization), I noticed
that Tomcat still uses "classic" javac ( instead of
"modern" javac ( even in JDK 1.3 context. 

Is there plans to support this compiler (which is much faster)? Does anyone
have a patch/plugin we can use?

While trying to write a compiler plugin myself, I realized there is no way
to force the modern compiler to write to my stream instead of
System.out/err. Perhaps this is the reason why modern compiler is not

Also, use of any compiler plugin other than the standard SunJavaCompiler is
next to impossible since the JSP engine does not read web.xml in
$TOMCAT_HOME/conf. So, we are left with two unfriendly choices. Patch tomcat
code or insert Tomcat specific code into each web.xml. Is there plans to
move JSP compiler plugin specification to server.xml?

Great software, but it is not easy to convince that to folks used to near
instantaneous page compilation/load times of JServ/GNUJSP/jikes combo that
Tomcat is the greatest thing out there when they sit waiting for 30-45
seconds waiting for page to compile (or even just load!!). We are not
talking about bottlenecks in outside code. It is the same with Tomcat sample


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