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From Ricardo L. A. Bánffy <>
Subject Re: Starting Tomcat as an NT service
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 16:32:34 GMT
Can't you put the source on the CVS tree?

Isn't there any place better to put it?
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Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 12:02 PM
Subject: Starting Tomcat as an NT service

> I noticed that there was a need with High priority for a program allowing
> Tomcat to start as a service on the NT platform.
> Here is version 1.0 of TomcatSVC, the Tomcat Start/Stop Service.
> 0) What it does?
> TomcatSVC can first install and remove itself easily just with a
> command-line option.
> On installation, it installs itself as a service running in the System
> context, and starting automatically (at next reboot).
> When started, it starts Tomcat by running "tomcat.bat" with the "run"
> parameter, then waits indefinitely for a stop signal.
> When stopped, it stops Tomcat by running "tomcat.bat" with the "stop"
> parameter, and stops.
> Tomcat is started invisibly, except if you check "Allow Service to
> with the Desktop" in the Control Panel, Services, Tomcat Start/Stop
> If the system is shut down, the service runs "tomcat stop" in a last
> to stop it before exiting.  Although it worked fine during the tests, I
> cannot guarantee that launching a Java program during system shutdown will
> always succeed.
> 1) User Notes
> Copy the TomcatSVC executable in the %TOMCAT_HOME%\bin directory (where
> tomcat.bat resides)
> On the command line, type "TomcatSVC -install".  The service is installed
> be started automatically at next reboot.
> Type "NET START TomcatSVC" to start the service.  Enjoy your work.
> Type "NET STOP TomcatSVC" to stop tomcat, or it will stop during shutdown.
> Attention 1:
> Your Tomcat.bat must contain all the environment variable settings to make
> Tomcat work properly, and contain no pause.
> To debug what is happening, start it interactively (TomcatSVC -debug).
> %TOMCAT_HOME% is guessed in tomcat.bat by finding tomcat.bat in the
> directory.  The current directory is set by default as the directory where
> the service executable resides.
> Attention 2:
> If you issue the command: "tomcat stop" at the command line, Tomcat will
> stop, but the service will continue running.
> You will have to stop it (it will attempt to stop Tomcat at that moment)
> restart it to restart Tomcat as a service.  This is not a bug.
> 2) System Notes
> During installation, the service will check in which directory it is, and
> save it in the registry key
> stallDir.  It will use that value as default directory when starting
> tomcat.bat.
> The service will store its START and STOP commands under the keys
> art
> op,
> containing the full path to tomcat.bat.  If you change your Tomcat
> directory, stop the service, uninstall it (TomcatSVC -remove) and
> it (TomcatSVC -install)
> Shutdown problem:
> If Tomcat is visible ("Allow Service to Interact with the Desktop"
> the shutdown will fail since the Tomcat window will first receive the
> message to close, and will be forced to stop if it doesn't answer.
> Moreover, the creation of the new window by the tomcat stop command will
> fail because the system is shutting down.
> So, if you see your Tomcat window, stop the service before shutting down
> ("NET STOP TomcatSVC").
> Interactive debugging:
> Typing TomcatSVC -debug will execute the start command found in the
> in the same command window.
> Sources and license:
> I started this project by using Sample Code from the Microsoft Platform
> The license states:
> * Sample Code.  You may modify the sample source code located in the
> SOFTWARE PRODUCT's "samples" directories
> ("Sample Code") to design, develop, and test your Application solely for
> with a Microsoft Operating System Product.  You may also reproduce and
> distribute the Sample Code in ***object code*** form along with any
> modifications you make to the Sample Code, provided that you comply with
> Distribution Terms described below.  For purposes of this section,
> "modifications" shall mean enhancements to the functionality of the Sample
> Code.
> So, be sure to only use this service with a Microsoft Operating System
> I'll pass personally the source to the person who wants to maintain and
> continue this service, but I'm not sure it is advisable to make it public
> due to the difference of licensing scheme between MS and Apache...  I
> the full licence of the platform SDK so that you can check yourself what
> be done on that issue.
> Pierre A. Damas


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