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From "casper mdb" <>
Subject Re: "Modern" compilation
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 06:15:16 GMT
Arun Katkere  <> wrote
> ....
> Great software, but it is not easy to convince that to folks used to near
> instantaneous page compilation/load times of JServ/GNUJSP/jikes combo that
> Tomcat is the greatest thing out there when they sit waiting for 30-45
> seconds waiting for page to compile (or even just load!!). We are not
> talking about bottlenecks in outside code. It is the same with Tomcat sample
> JSPs.

I have never been waiting 30-45 seconds with Tomcat, not even on my experimentel Linuxbox
- a Pentium 100MHz with 64 MB. It is more like 5-10 seconds. I tried Rasin with Jikes last
night, wich compiled new jsp-pages so fast (< 1s), that I thougth I had made a mistake
updating my files. 
But overall I really really like Tomcat. So keep up the good work. 


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