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From Stefán Freyr Stefánsson <>
Subject EmbededTomcat
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 17:03:37 GMT
I'd like some information on this class please...

Does it absolutely replace the server.xml file or can it co-exist with it?
I need to integrate a web server which opens up a SSL connection on port
443.  What would be my best (and most secure) bet?

Can anyone answer this because I've been looking around and I haven't found
any useful documentation about this so anything would be appreciated.

Regards, Stefan.

p.s. Following is the Connector part that I'm currently using (in
server.xml)... just so you can get the idea of what kind of a connection I'm
looking for in the application from Tomcat.

        <Connector className="org.apache.tomcat.service.PoolTcpConnector">
            <Parameter name="handler"

            <Parameter name="port"
            <Parameter name="socketFactory"
                value="" />
	 <Parameter name="clientAuth"
	     value="true" />
	 <Parameter name="keystore"
	     value="myKeystoreLocation" />
	 <Parameter name="keypass"
	     value="myPassword" />
	 <Parameter name="secure"
	     value="true" />

Stefan Freyr Stefansson
Software Developer
deCODE Genetics, Inc.

Phone: (+354) 570 2854
GSM:   (+354) 861 1718
Fax:   (+354) 491 3782

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