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From "Mike Bremford" <>
Subject Revised mod_jk-howto
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 15:15:37 GMT
Hi all

I was just going to add a couple of bits to the mod_jk-howto document, but
one thing led to another and I seem to have revised it all.

The key changes:

* Updated the build instructions for Unix, which were incorrect.
* Added info on how to add the Ajp13 Connector to Tomcat
* Moved the definitions table to it's own section
* Added a "Configuring for those in a hurry" bit.
* Added an example configuration.
* Added a (paltry) FAQ section at the end.
* Made it pretty - added more formatting, tomcat logo, table of contents

It's online at, if those
more knowledgable than myself could look over it, let me know anything that
needs adding or changing, and then perhaps someone (Larry?) could commit it?

Cheers... Mike

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