BugRat Report # 154

Project: Tomcat Release: tomcat 3.1
Category: Bug Report SubCategory: New Bug Report
Class: webbug State: received
Priority: medium Severity: serious
Confidence: public

Submitter: _Anonymous ( anonymous-bug@cortexity.com )
Date Submitted: Sep 21 2000, 08:45:09 CDT
Responsible: Z_Tomcat Alias ( tomcat-bugs@cortexity.com )

xml / xsl when generated by jsp result in xml unspecified error
Environment: (jvm, os, osrel, platform)
1.2.2, windows nt, 4.0, windows

Additional Environment Description:
Currently running Windows NT 4.0 using JDK 1.2.2

Report Description:
I have an application that uses JSP to generate an XML document that contains an XSL style sheet. When I try to display the results using IE 5.0.3105.0106, I receive the error "XML Page cannot be displayed, unspecified error". This same code works fine under RESIN and ORION web servers. When I right click on the error page and view source, I can see the generated XML, but the stylesheet reference line seems to be missing

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