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From (David M. Karr)
Subject [BUG] jsps in subdirs get package spec, but get put in wrong directory
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 20:27:32 GMT
(I already put this into BugRat, but the instructions suggested
posting here also.)

I had a simple JSP in a subdirectory (called "travel") off of the
document root. When I requested it from the browser and looked at what
it built, I see that in the "work/localhost_8080" directory, it
created a "travel" subdirectory matching the subdirectory the jsp was
in, and it put a "package" statement matching the subdirectory name,
but the actual ".java" and ".class" file was put in
"work/localhost_8080", not in "work/localhost_8080/travel". The
"travel" directory is empty. This makes it almost impossible to debug
generated jsps, without manual intervention.

David M. Karr     ;  ; w:(425)487-8312 ; TCSI & Best Consulting
Software Engineer ; Unix/Java/C++/X ; BrainBench CJ12P (#12004)

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