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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: ClassLoader Follow-Up
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 22:43:35 GMT
	Never mind - found it myself.  If I add Jdk12Interceptor into
server.xml (as the last RequestInterceptor) then things start working a
lot better.  I haven't tried all the permutations, but I think this was
the missing link.  Sorry for the flurry of mail...


On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Aaron Mulder wrote:
> 	It looks like my problems go away if we call setContextClassLoader
> before the request gets processed.  Looking through the code, I see this
> is done in tomcat/request/Jdk12Interceptor.  However, this class only
> seems to be referred to be tomcat/startup/EmbededTomcat.  Can I include
> this interceptor by adding it to a config file somewhere, or would it
> require a code change?
> Thanks,	
> 	Aaron

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