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Subject Re: Showing internal request URI's in default responses
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 03:49:33 GMT
> 	Just wanted to add $0.02 about reloading.  It is important
> to note that reloading can be extremely important in a web hosting 
> environment where you don't want individual hostees(?) restarting
> Tomcat.

Yes, you're right, but it's a different problem.

( i.e. all you need in this case is a simple user interface to send
restart signals to individual webapps ). 

Reloading works by detecting changes ( reading every file periodically -
for a web hosting server it'll have a big impact to have so many disk 
accesses ), and restarting the web app if a change is detected.

It's easy to just send the restart from an admin web page ( even the
current admin allow to re-deploy an app ).

> 	Also, even in our production site it's nice to be able to make
> small updates without having to knock off all the users.

It's a choice, and both options are valid. In both cases only the
changed webapp should be restarted - the difference is how to tell tomcat
to restart it - by an explicit action or by asking it to periodically
check file access time.


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