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Subject Re: broken current Tomcat ? (3.3 dev)
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 03:37:52 GMT
> So you (the developers) are building the core so that it can run both the
> servlet 3.2 and 3.3? It sounds great. But I am curious how you can optimize
> the core with Java2 while still supporting servlet 3.2.

Servlet 2.2 and servlet 2.3, and any future ( or past ) servlet version (
assuming someone will write the facade !)

The core is still JDK1.1 and I see no reason to change that - modules are
where optimizations happen ( and of course, if you have JDK1.1 you can't
run servlet 2.3 - but you can still run tomcat 3.3 using the 2.2 facade ).

> The root cause comes from the org.apache.tomcat.helper.ServerXmlHelper which
> add the child "addContextInterceptor" with the no-longer-exist class (should
> be interface) "org.apache.tomcat.core.ContextInterceptor"
> The same problem apply to RequestInterceptor.

Thanks, I guess I had them in my classpath... I'll fix that.

> Anyway, these information should be useless after you changed the core:)

I hope core changes will stop very soon - we are very close. I just need
to resolve the FacadeManager ( there is at least a big security problem),
and after that to change the internal representation to MessageBytes ( to
enable international charsets ) and remove all unused methods in the
remaining classe.

So far we have: Request, Response, Context, Container, OutputBuffer,
Handler, BaseInterceptor and ContextManager.
I think the object model is simple enough - close to "as simple as
possible but not simler". Of course, I hope other people will have more
ideas about how to improve the core even further ( I'm close to my limit,
so after that I'll just work on interceptors and bug fixes ) :-)


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