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Subject Re: Issue with org.apache.tomcat.service.http.HttpInterceptor
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 01:11:26 GMT

HttpInterceptor is part of 3.3 tree. 
....service.http.HttpInterceptor will be deprecated - as the whole 
service package. 

I did a major refactoring of the whole package, and moved it to

The main change is the move from Connector to normal Interceptors. This
allows server adapters to participate in all request processing stages,
and will help in many ways - delaying expensive operations, better
integration, etc.

It also simplifies the setup - now the same mechanism is used instead of
the old parameter name/value hack. Please take a look at the new code. 

As a commiter you can change anything
you want and feel is useful in the development branch. We use
"commit-then-review" mechanism - i.e. if anyone feels your change is
not good can -1 it ( I don't think that happened more than 1-2 times
). Don't worry if you brake something - everything can be fixed, as
long as you feel the change is worth it.

After 3.3 I hope no major change will happen in core, and I'll propose a
"review-than-commit" policy for the core ( i.e. try to keep the internal
API as stable as possible, so that interceptors and facades can be
developed and improved ). Of course, if anyone will have good ideas to
improve the core after 3.3 I'm sure that will happen, but I think we are
close to something simple and good enough.


> I downloaded yesterday the latest snapshot of the 3.2 tree.
> On trying to adapt my application to the changes in the implementation
> of Tomcat (which we embed), I am running into a couple of issues
> with the 'org.apache.tomcat.service.http.HttpInterceptor' class.
>    Not all the 'set' methods include their 'get' counterpart.
>    For example, I would like to be able to have a
>    	public boolean isSecure()
>    method to stand opposite to 'public void setSecure(boolean)'.
>    Also there is a general purpose:
>    	public void setAttribute (String, Object)
>    but no counterpart:
>    	public Object getAttribute (String)
> I am wondering whether this is an oversight.
> Thanks,
> Arieh
> PS: If agreed that this is useful, I can make the appropriate changes,
>     just need some direction as far as where the CVS repository is on
>     'locus' (given that I was awarded committer status a couple of weeks
>     ago). 	
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