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Subject RE: Outstanding bugs before 3.2 final?
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 00:11:35 GMT
> The stack traces have been restored to ExceptionHandler().
> I agree that this was too big a behavior change to be committing
> unilaterally.  I attribute the "act first, ask questions later" behavior
> to a somewhat foggy brain.

I guess "act first, ask later" should be tomcat's motto.
( or in apache terms - commit-then-review )

Nothing wrong with that.

> With other things I need to do, I probably wouldn't find time to
> implement the configuration setting prior to Sam's window this
> weekend.

We can just add a get/setStackTraces() to ContextManager, you don't need
any other "configuration changes" ( plus if( cm.getStackTraces()) before 
printing that traces ). 


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