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Subject Re: jasper.jar and tomcat.jar + non-default classloader
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 16:42:54 GMT
> jasper.jar depends on tomcat.jar, and tomcat.jar is needed in classpath of
> jasper.jar. This does not represent any problem if both these files are in
> CLASSPATH, so they are loaded by the system classloader. But if I want to
> load these files by another classloader, then the classloader complains when
> loaing classes from jasper.jar that classes from tomcat.jar are not found.
> This issue can be solved by adding
> Class-Path: webserver.jar


I already added Main-Class: to tomcat.jar ( in 3.3, with the new build
mechanism ). ( that means a double click on tomcat.jar will start tomcat,
no need for any scripts on windows, and java -jar tomcat.jar will be
enough on unix ). I think it's ok to add it to 3.2 also - it can't affect
any existing functionality ( you can also add Main-Class to webserver.jar,
again it can't hurt )

Using 1.2 features is ok - for 1.1 people can still use CLASSPATH and we
will support only basic functionality, not all the custom tricks.

Regarding tomcat->jasper dependency, I hope we'll be able to remove it (
it isn't supposed to be any )


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