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Subject Re: Outstanding bugs before 3.2 final?
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 19:09:02 GMT
> quite a few i think. try the cookie problems with sessions and with lynx 
> to start with which were closed but are still present in 3.2b4. There are
> some other outstanding things with sticky load balancing (root not
> balanced) and mod_jserv could do with a bit of improvement. other more
> painful issues also exist in other areas but those are the most glaring i
> think...with no solution in sight. 

In order to release 3.2 we need to address all "standard compliance" and
all "regressions". 
Some bugs are too difficult to resolve without affecting the stability,
and will be resolved in future releases - as long as tomcat 3.2 is better
than 3.1 ( not perfect) I think we are fine.

I'll have a bit more time starting next week ( the project I'm working on
is "stable" now, I'm just fixing bugs and build issues ), and I'll be more
active on bug fixing.

Please mark ( or send to the list)  all "MUST BE FIXED" bugs ( i.e. if not
fixed you'll -1 the release ). I would argue that load balancing works the
same or better than it did in 3.1 - so it shouldn't be on the list, same
for mod_jserv improvements ( both can go to 3.3). 


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