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Subject Re: WEB-INF classloading and on the fly compilation
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2000 21:43:15 GMT
> I don't really care about what Costin says. He's a good developer, a
> good friend, and an excellent co-worker, but I believe we both realize
> that we have different interests and different priorities on circa 90%
> of the stuff :) :) :)

Thanks, Pier :-)

After all that's how open source works - we all try to improve a product
based on our interest. There is a voting system - so if something I do
brakes your code you can -1 it and it'll be rolled back. 

I try to read most ( ok, 1/2 ) of the mailing lists and get informations,
and I try to send back informations. Each of us have a certain background
and experience that shapes our opinions, and IMHO the filter for
technical opinions must be at the receiver ( and the filter for
non-technical opinions at the sender !). 

( well, I hope the differences are not at 90%, but closer to 60-70% :-)

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