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Subject RE: WEB-INF classloading and on the fly compilation
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2000 06:38:35 GMT

Sorry for using your bandwith with this thread - I ( personally ) believe
that complex services like code generation, compilation, template systems,
etc are better if implemented as standalone components that can be
integrated in the server instead of puting them in a webapp. 

The interface between jasper and tomcat and all the bugs and tricks we had
to do are probably good examples. 

This has nothing to do with how compilers read their input, and it doesn't
mean dynamic code generation is not good - it's in fact an excelent
solution. It's just about how to implement dynamic code generation and
compilation, and how to interface this with the rest of the system.

I do believe that pre-compilation is a better solution for a production
site and jspc is a prove.  That doesn't mean it should be used for
develoment  - just that it's something that systems that
use dynamic compilation should think about. ( afaik j2ee is also
generating its stubs at deployment time, and probably there are other
examples - that means it is possible to do that even in complex solutions)

You may agree or not - I'll not continue this thread.  


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