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Subject RE: TC3: proposal - Interceptors
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2000 00:24:32 GMT
> +1 on that too , But why not extend the event/listener model to
> RequestInterceptor methods too? i dont why this model has a more
> performance impact than current, please explain more deeply the point..

The "correct" event model would mean to create an AuthenticationEvent and
pass it to listeners. We can reuse the object, of course, but that'll make
the code more complex. It's also an issue of number of operations per
request ( get from pool - sync, setters, call method, set the result as a
field of Event, etc. In time we can expect the number of callbacks to grow
as we integrate with the server )

In time we can and should try to do that, but as always prefer a smooth
evolution - we can try and test that with ContextEvents ( with a very low
impact on performance or anything else), check if it is indeed easier to
use, take all the time we need, etc.

Both models implement the same design patterns and it's easy to allow
backward compatibility or at least a very easy migration, but I prefer to
have 2-3 months ( or 4-5 months ? ) of experience and optimizations and
verifications with the less critical ContextEvents. 


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